Middle School: The Advancement Years

Gottesman RTW Academy Middle School Profile:  The Advancement Years



The middle school provides maturing learners in 6th through 8th grades with both the rigorous academic preparation and character education they need as they advance toward high school.  The highly-qualified middle school teachers provide a strong departmentalized program which features group instruction, a highly individualized academic program, and personalized high school transition services.

Language Arts:

  • Advanced honors level curriculum offering a variety of opportunities for students to develop reading, writing, and communication skills
  • Instruction in how to write a thesis statement, compose an outline, take notes on all materials, compile a bibliography, and write a paper
  • Emphasis on writing as a process and on timed writing
  • Instruction in how to develop and edit research papers 
  • Literature-based program emphasizing critical thinking skills


  • Well-rounded math curriculum designed to address the varying skills and abilities of all students 
  • Development of the foundation of basic math skills through algebra-based problem-solving and geometry honors (enrichment track) classes
  • Variety of math strategies and critical thinking skills 
  • Accelerated programs to ensure that students are placed in competitive High School math programs
  • Availability of daily study lab for additional instructional support from teachers


  • Labs and lectures, emphasizing hands-on learning opportunities
  • Exploration of topics that have relevance to today’s world, such as environmental science, biology, and chemistry in preparation for a rigorous high school science curriculum
  • Co-curricular skills utilized in language arts, social studies, Judaic studies, and science through the science fair

Social Studies:

  • Emphasis on Jewish heritage with a blend of world history, American history, and current events
  • Utilization of the principles of cooperative learning and intellectual curiosity, creating a thought-provoking learning environment which includes class discussions, group projects, and the exploration of different themes
  • Humanities curriculum incorporating the concepts of language arts and social studies and focusing on the core skills essential to both content areas, including reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing 
  • Collaborative efforts between social studies and language arts teachers to develop research papers

Judaic Studies: 

  • Character development through tzedakah, empathy, fairness, respect, humanity, and humanism
  • Broad understanding of Jewish life through study of the Jewish calendar, mitzvot, customs and observances, and significant concepts in Jewish belief
  • Torah study for its own sake and as an inspiring resource in forming values, moral commitments, and ways of experiencing the world

Hebrew Language:

  • Mastery of oral, reading, and written Modern Hebrew language skills
  • Total Hebrew language program using an interactive, cutting edge curriculum, NETA
  • Availability of a mechina program for students who begin their Hebrew language studies later in their education

Jewish History:

  • Student commitment, passion, and connection to the Jewish homeland
  • Education about modern Israeli culture through weekly visits of Israeli messengers (schlichim)
  • Comprehensive curriculum of Jewish history from Biblical to modern times
  • Inclusion of critical component of Holocaust studies
  • Participation in a capstone educational trip to Israel in 8th grade 

Tikkun Olam:

  • Stressing the importance of healing the world (tikkun olam)      
  • Facilitation of student participation in social action projects in the local community and abroad
  • Social action through B’nai Mitvah projects


  • Focus on reading, writing, understanding, and speaking the language in real-world situations, such as introducing oneself or someone else, shopping terms, and travel terms 
  • Encouragement to speak Spanish throughout most of the class period
  • Differentiated projects to enable all students to show their individual strengths

The Arts:

  • Development of imaginative and reflective thinking skills
  • Participation in curriculum-related collaborative visual art projects, such as totem poles, rain forest dioramas, drama sets, and written reports on a chosen artist with an accompanying art project in the style of that artist
  • Illumination of Jewish heritage through holiday-related projects
  • Development of vocal and performance skills, learning how to read basic music, and playing instruments
  • Integration of music with the rest of the curriculum through performance opportunities for all students

Physical Education:

  • Improvement of personal health and wellness through physical activity and educational opportunities
  • Team and individual sports, with a focus on basic large and small motor skills

Study Skills:

  • Time management
  • Organizational skills
  • Note-taking
  • Test preparation
  • Timed writing
  • Research paper writing


  • Leading edge technology to support the curriculum, while retaining the core teacher-student relationship
  • Instruction in how to use technology responsibly
  • Ongoing technology professional development for teachers


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Middle School Overview

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