Middle School: The Advancement Years

The Middle School provides maturing learners in the 6th through 8th grades with both the rigorous academic preparation and character education they need as they advance toward high school. The highly qualified MS teachers provide a strong departmentalized program featuring small group instruction and a highly individualized academic program. MS students benefit from the personalized High School Transition Program.

Language Arts

  • The language arts curriculum offers a variety of opportunities for students to develop reading, writing, and communication skills. The literature-based program also emphasizes critical thinking skills.
  • There is an emphasis on writing as a process at all levels and on timed writing. Language arts teachers work collaboratively with social studies teachers to teach students how to develop and edit research papers.


  • GRTWA’s math program is designed to meet the skills of all students. The program builds upon the foundation of basic math skills through algebra-based problem-solving and includes a variety of math strategies and critical thinking skills.
  • The math program incorporates co-curricular programs, such as visual arts, music, and technology which require the students to use math skills in creative and challenging ways. Outside professionals present programs to provide students with a broader view of math.


  • The curriculum includes both labs and lectures, emphasizing hands-on learning opportunities for students. Students explore topics that have relevance to today’s world, such as environmental science, biology, and chemistry to prepare them for a rigorous high school science curriculum.
  • The Middle School Fair combines language arts, social studies, Judaic studies, and science to help the students relate the topics to each of the disciplines.

Social Studies

  • The social studies curriculum emphasizes learning about Jewish heritage with a blend of world history, American history, and current events. Students participate in thought-provoking, theme-based class discussions and group projects.
  • The humanities curriculum for seventh and eighth grade classes focuses on core skills essential to both content areas. Social studies teachers work collaboratively with language arts teachers to develop research papers.

Judaic Studies

  • The core of the Judaic studies curriculum is character development. This includes tzedakah, empathy, fairness, respect, humanity, and humanism.
  • Middle School students develop a broad understanding of Jewish life. This includes the Jewish calendar, mitzvot, customs and observances, and significant concepts in Jewish belief.
  • The study of the Torah in Middle School is both for its own sake and as an inspiring resource in forming values, moral commitments, and ways of experiencing the world.

Hebrew Language

  • Hebrew language is a total immersion program. Students learn Hebrew using an interactive, cutting-edge curriculum, NETA.
  • Middle School students master oral, reading, and written Modern Hebrew language skills.
  • A Mechina program is available for students who begin their Hebrew language studies later in their education.

Jewish History

  • GRTWA teaches students to have a commitment, passion, and connection to the Jewish Homeland.
  • Israeli messengers, schlichim, visit weekly throughout the school year educating students about modern Israeli culture.
  • GRTWA provides a comprehensive curriculum of Jewish History from biblical to modern times. Holocaust Studies are a critical component of the Jewish History curriculum.
  • Eighth graders participate in a capstone educational trip to Israel.

Tikkun Olam

  • Tikkun Olam (healing the world) is embedded into the culture and fabric of the school.
  • GRTWA facilitates student participation in social action projects in the local community and abroad. Middle School students lead social action projects for their B’nai Mitzvahs.


  • The Spanish curriculum focuses on reading, writing, understanding, and language immersion.

The Arts

  • The arts are a vital part of the daily life of students at GRTWA, helping Middle School students to develop imaginative and reflective thinking skills.
  • In visual arts, the art teacher works closely with the faculty to develop curriculum-related collaborative art projects.
  • Music and drama are woven into all our programming. Students learn how to read basic music, play instruments, and have many performance opportunities.

Physical Education

  • The goal of the physical education program is for each student to improve personal health and wellness through physical activity and educational opportunities.
  • Students can participate in intramural sports programs throughout the school year.

Study Skills

  • Study Skills are an integral part of the Middle School curriculum and help prepare students for High School.
  • These skills include time management, organization, note-taking, test preparation, timed writing, and research paper writing.


  • GRTWA is committed to providing leading-edge technology to support the curriculum, while retaining the core teacher-student relationship. Teachers actively participate in ongoing professional development.
  • Students learn to use technology responsibly.

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Middle School Overview

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