Genesis Art Work


The Genesis Art Series was a unique fundraising project begun in 1971. Each year for twelve years, the GRTWA commissioned a noted artist to create an original work of art based on parshas from the Book of Genesis. Then, in 1990 we undertook a similar project by commissioning the popular artist, Mordechai Rosenstein to create an original piece that would depict the school’s philosophy, “Educate a child in the way he should go; and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

In all cases, the artists were required to “break the mold” so that the pieces would be exclusive to Gottesman RTW Academy. The resulting art pieces are displayed at GRTWA on the wall in the corridor leading to the Sanctuary. The Genesis Series is on the right wall, hanging in order, from left to right; the Rosenstein hangs on the opposite wall. These pieces of art make perfect gifts, especially for weddings or special anniversaries. Some have already sold out, and the prices (unframed) for the remaining pieces are listed below.

To view a photograph of any piece, click on its title below. But you really must see them in person to appreciate their full beauty. Contact Donna Pradith at 973-584-5530, ext 3014, or to arrange for your purchase.

  • The Creation, a woodcut by Irving Amen – $250 (only one left)
  • Noah, an intaglio etching by Judith Brodsky – sold out
  • Lech Lecha, a lithograph by Emanuel Schary – $250
  • Vayereh, a tuilegraph by Rina Rotholz – sold out
  • Chaye Sarah, a sculptured bronze plaque by Jean Schonwalter – $200 mounted, $175 unmounted
  • Isaac’s Blessing, a farhigraph by Farhi – $250
  • Jacob’s Dream, a lithograph by Zvi Livni – $250
  • Jacob and the Angel, a serigraph by Shraga Weil – sold out
  • Joseph’s Coat, a serigraph by Shraga Weil – $250
  • Joseph in Egypt, an intaglio etching by Judith Brodsky – sold out
  • The Reunion, an intaglio etching by Abraham Yakin – $200
  • Vayechi, a lithograph by Martin Farren & Joan Benjamin-Farren – $200
  • Educate a Child, a lithograph by Mordechai Rosenstein – $175