Planned Giving

Endowment and planned giving offers the opportunity to make a gift to Gottesman RTW Academy today, while supporting the school in the future. It is truly a gift that keeps on giving and is a wonderful way to establish a legacy that will support the school for many generations to come. Gifts can be made from bequests, life insurance policies, stocks, bonds, retirement funds, and/or real estate. Your gift, and the income it generates for Gottesman RTW Academy, becomes a commitment to perpetuating the future vitality of the school.

A "planned gift" can be created to fulfill a long-desired philanthropic interest and may also allow you to increase your personal income, save on taxes, and make a legacy gift to GRTWA that might not otherwise be possible. Planned gifts in various forms are magnificent acts of tzedakah, especially when they memorialize the donor’s name in perpetuity.

Charitable Gift Annuity: A one-time gift that provides the donor with a fixed annual income for life. The rate of payout is determined by the beneficiary's age. The remainder of the gift goes to a day school fund.

Life Insurance Policy: Can be a convenient and cost effective way of making a substantial gift to Gottesman RTW Academy. Perhaps you have a paid-up policy with the original reason for purchasing the policy no longer a consideration. Gift opportunities range from naming GRTWA as owner and beneficiary of a life insurance policy to using a new life insurance policy to replace assets given to the school.

Bequest: The result of careful planning for the best philanthropic use of assets that have taken a lifetime of work, care, and stewardship to build or preserve. The bequest may be a specific sum or a percentage of an estate that may provide a very significant gift to GRTWA for a purpose that you designate.

To learn more about giving opportunities available for endowment gifts and planned gifts, please contact Naomi Bacharach, Director of Institutional Advancement, 973-584-5530, ext 3015, or