Student Development and Support


At the Gottesman RTW Academy every child is viewed individually and our commitment to personal growth is essential.  The Student Development and Support Team is designed to address the social, emotional and developmental needs of our students.  A proactive approach is used to encourage character development, conflict resolution, emotional growth, and positive decision-making skills.  Our team is comprised of three key members:


 Dr. Cheryl Bahar – Academic Realm

  • Having academic struggles in a particular class
  • Developing effective study skills to promote learning
  • Difficulty with time management
  • Devising a team approach to remediate learning challenges (e.g. reading specialist, learning specialist)


Nurse Phyllis Vida – Social/Emotional Realm

  • Community outreach and referrals to specialists in family guidance/therapy
  • Non-judgmental environment to express feelings
  • Assisting with healthy life choices
  • Positively navigating the social world
  • Conflict resolution with peers, teachers, and families


Mr. William Nahan – Social and Physical Realm

  • Making healthy life choices
  • Conflict resolution with peers
  • Positive behavioral support
  • Developing responsible and compassionate leaders


If you would like additional information or support, please contact Dr. Cheryl Bahar at