Parent Stories

“I love the warmth of everyone at the school!  I have never seen a Jewish community institution where everyone seems so happy, so passionate about their work, and so committed to the wellbeing of everyone who walks in the door. The school is so child-centric, making the learning experience a bright and positive one for children and families. We were drawn to GRTWA because of the program and the staff and that the school makes it work for us financially.  We cannot thank you enough!“

-Rebecca Hinden (mom of Carmel)


“We love that Gottesman immediately welcomed us and has continued to provide us with a friendly and supportive community in which to educate our children. We chose the school because we were touring area schools, and, even though Gottesman was closed for vacation, Ricki Rubin, the Director of the Early Childhood Center, came in to the school during her vacation. She was so welcoming and friendly, and we are so impressed that she made such a big effort for us!  It turned out that she was just the first of many friendly faces at the school.”

-Joy Sussman (mom of Zachary and Charlotte)


“I love that all the teachers know my child, even if they didn’t have him in their own class. Nancy Peled Wolf is an infectious teacher who gets into the sole of the child.  She is one-of-a-kind and treats my son as though he is her own child. I feel so blessed to have her teaching my child again this year.”

-Jennifer Cook (mom of Issac Guevara)


“I love that the school staff creates such a wonderful nurturing environment for the students.  It feels like a second home when you enter the building. Morah Ziva is one of the most amazing teachers I have ever met.  She is kind, patient, and compassionate.  Her understanding of the students' individual needs and how to teach them at their level is impressive. My daughter has never been so happy in a school environment.  Every day I pick her up, she is smiling and can’t wait to tell me about her day.”

-Dr Debbie Protter-Sheehan (mom of Melanie)


“I love that my interfaith marriage is accepted warmly and that my husband feels comfortable at the school, just as much as my son and I do.”

-Nicole Levy-Fiore (mom of Nathan)


“What I love about Gottesman RTWA is the dynamic Judaic curriculum and the outstanding general studies teachers.  Mrs. Swiss is knowledgeable, passionate about teaching, cutting edge, realistic, encouraging, bright, and open-minded.”

-Alison Popky (mom of Aliza)


“I love the warmth of the school and that my kids are recognized as individuals. Our math teacher is wonderful.  She really embraces individualized learning and innovation.  She figures out a way (reverse classroom) that lets each kid set his/her own pace.  My daughter is not the strongest math student, but this program insures that she understands the content before the class moves on. “ 

-Gregg Russo (dad of Sam and Noa)


"The school has been able to provide an excellent and individualized education to our four very different children who are thriving academically and socially in this warm, caring environment. We feel we made a wonderful choice becoming a part of the GRTWA family."

-Sheera Siegel (mom of Madeline, Ilana, Samantha, and Daniel)


"The Gottesman RTW Academy has been the thread that binds my family's moral fiber. The school has demonstrated year after year unconditional love and nurturing aspects from all angles and approaches for every student to achieve and attain his or her goals."

-Fawn Zwickel (mom of Bryce and Asher)