Welcome to the GRTWA Library, a wonderful resource for our children and teachers. We are growing and continuously ordering some of the newest and best books available for children. Since opening in February, 2002, the GRTWA Library has added more than 4,000 new books to its collection, which now encompasses over 8,000 books. We are thrilled to have a library that teachers, students, and parents can be proud of. The library is here for us all to enjoy, and we reinforce the idea that we treat all library books with care so they can be enjoyed for many years.

The goal of the library is to enhance the curriculum with lessons, research skills, and resources. We have been branching out with projects and activities, showing our children how fun reading really is. The library encourages a love of reading through many special programs. We have had book clubs, guest authors, and guest illustrators. We celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss with a school-wide Read Across America program and National Poetry Month in April. We display relevant books for all holidays, both Judaic and secular, and we continue to order the best new books for our students and our curriculum. Click here to view the library curriculum.

Thanks to the generosity of our parents and friends, the library raises significant funds to continue to build our collection. Approximately $3,000 is raised annually through the Parent Association Book Fair, the Birthday Club, and personal tributes. For a minimum donation of $18, a bookplate will be placed in a new hardcover book and an acknowledgement card sent in honor of a child's birthday or simcha, as a tribute to a special person, or in memory of a loved one. To participate in the birthday club, download the form here.