Admissions FAQs

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What type of school is Gottesman RTW Academy?

GRTWA is a co-educational, pluralistic, Jewish day school which offers a challenging, integrated, dual curriculum in General Studies and Judaic Studies. GRTWA is a member of PRIZMAH, an organization of community day schools. As a community day school, we warmly welcome families from every branch of Judaism as well as Jewish children from unaffiliated families.

Is GRTWA an accredited school?

GRTWA is accredited by the New Jersey Association of Independent Schools (NJAIS). It has been recognized as a national Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education for consistently high levels of academic achievement.

What is your campus like?

GRTWA has a new, state-of-the-art, green facility with flexible, technologically-advanced classrooms on our beautiful 22-acre campus in Randolph, NJ.

Will my family feel comfortable and welcome at GRTWA?

GRTWA families come from a fairly wide range of backgrounds and observe Judaism in many different ways. Our school strives to serve all Jewish children in an inclusive environment and to warmly welcome families from all branches of Judaism as well as unaffiliated Jewish families.

What is the admission policy of the school?

GRTWA serves families from all Jewish denominations as well as families who have one Jewish parent.

How much time do students spend on General Studies and how much time do they spend on Judaic Studies?

Students in 1st through 8th grades spend approximately 60% of the school day focusing on General Studies. This includes language arts, math, science, social studies, physical education, music, art, and computers. They devote approximately 40% of the school day to Judaic Studies. This includes Hebrew language and the history, culture, traditions, and religious practices of the Jewish people. The dual curriculum is continuously updated and individualized to meet the learning style needs of our students and to reinforce the development of 21st century skills, including critical and creative thinking skills.

What if my child does not speak Hebrew?

Hebrew language is a total immersion program. Students learn Hebrew using an interactive, cutting edge curriculum. A Mechina program is available for students who begin their Hebrew language studies later in their education.

What role does technology play at GRTWA?

GRTWA is committed to providing leading edge technology to support the curriculum, while retaining the core teacher-student relationship. Students are immersed in technology from two-year-olds through 8th grade and learn to use technology responsibly. Students in 3rd through 8th grade us the Google platform, and students in 4th through 8th grade use Chromebooks.

What role do the arts play at GRTWA?

GRTWA's arts programs help our students to develop their creative, collaborative, and public speaking skills from an early age and the arts are a vital part of the daily life of students at GRTWA. We have three signature programs in the arts: visual arts, music, and drama. In visual arts, the art teacher works closely with the faculty to create curriculum-related art projects in a wide range of mediums. In music, students learn vocal and performance skills, how to read basic music, and how to play instruments, and music is integrated with the rest of the curriculum. There are many performance opportunities for all students, including participation in the GRTWA Ensemble and PATF, the performing arts program, where students can be part of the annual theatre production. In addition, 5th graders and Middle School students have a weekly elective as part of their schedule, and art is one of the elective choices.

Is transportation available?

Most local public school districts provide bus transportation for GRTWA students. We currently have three buses which serve Rockaway, Morristown, Randolph, and Fair Lawn. Additionally, some families carpool or use a private transportation service.

What are the school hours?

The school day for K-8th grade runs from 8:15 to 3:15 Monday through Thursday and until 1:45 on Friday.

In the ECC, the full day session runs from 8:30 to 3:00 Monday through Thursday and until 1:30 on Friday.

Is child care available to extend the school day?

Our after care program begins at dismissal time and ends at 6:00 p.m. After care provides time for children to work on homework, eat a snack, play indoors and on our outdoor playground, and have fun. These extended hours are available for every age level. In addition to after care, GRTWA offers several enrichment activities and sports programs after school hours.

Does GRTWA provide high school transition services?

GRTWA provides an individualized High School Transition Program to our families.

Where have your graduates attended high school and college?

GRTWA graduates attend the finest Jewish, public, private, and VoTech high schools. They are consistently placed in high school honors and AP classes. Alumni gain admission to the most prestigious colleges and universities. Please see the High Schools and Colleges and Universities list.

How can my child continue his or her Jewish education if her or she does not attend a Jewish high school?

GRTWA has a Post Graduate Learning Program (PGLP) for high school students that provides them with the opportunity to study Judaic subjects, ensure involvement in the Jewish community, and to help them internalize their identity as involved Jewish adults. Course are offered one night per week in six-week sessions. Among the subjects that have been offered are Jewish films, Jewish philosophy, anti-Semitism, Middle East politics, and the uniqueness of the Hebrew language.

What is the tuition? How can we afford private school tuition?

Please see the Tuition and Fees section of the website for information. In addition to providing traditional tuition assistance, GRTWA is fortunate to be able to offer a special program that caps tuition at no more than 10% of your AGI. It is easy to apply for this special program and only limited financial disclosure is required to qualify for it. Please be assured that any information submitted as part of a request for tuition assistance will be held in strictest confidence. A decision regarding whether a child will be admitted to GRTWA is made without regard as to whether the child's family has applied for tuition assistance. Please also note that tuition at GRTWA is significantly less than tuition charged at many other private schools in the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan area. Please see the Affordability section of the website for more information.

What is the deadline for applying to GRTWA?

GRTWA works on a rolling admissions basis, which means that you are welcome to apply at any time for a current school year or the following school year. Admissions decisions are made based on both fit and the availability of space.

What is the age cut-off for kindergarten?

A child must turn 5-years-old by October 31st of the proposed entry year to be eligible for kindergarten.

How can I apply to Gottesman RTW Academy?

Our application is online. Please see the Admissions Process section of our website for an Admissions checklist and further information. Admissions Form

How can I request information about GRTWA?

You can click on Request for Information and complete the form. When we receive your form, we will call you to discuss your family's interest in Gottesman RTW Academy.