Tuition FAQs


Why did the school choose to eliminate all fees, surcharges, and discounts?

In response to feedback from families, we have decided to simplify and streamline the family obligation of each family. With this new structure, we have rolled the extra charges into tuition for simplicity and transparency.

Do we need to do anything to apply for the $2,000 Gottesman Grant? 

No. This grant will apply to all full-time students and effectively lower the list price of tuition before considering any financial assistance. For families that choose TuitionMAX or other financial assistance programs, this $2,000 grant is already included in their assistance.

Are these tuition levels frozen for future years?

The school is committed to maintaining the $2,000 Gottesman Grant and all our financial assistance programs for the foreseeable future. However, the list prices will be reviewed every year for any adjustments based on economic conditions. 

If we have only one or two children enrolled, is the TuitionMAX cap still 10%?

Looking at the schedule (Tuition Max Schedule), you will see that the 10% of AGI cap applies for families with three or more children. For families with one student enrolled, the cap is no more than 9% of AGI. For families with two children, the cap is between 7-10% of AGI. Some exceptions apply.

Do we need to apply to qualify for TuitionMAX? 

Yes. One of the most attractive features of TuitionMAX is the simplicity of its application. For most families, we require only this year’s AGI, next year’s estimated AGI, a copy of the first two pages of your IRS 1040 form, and an estimate of your assets.

If we have children only enrolled in the ECC and not in K-8, can we apply for TuitionMAX?

No. TuitionMAX is for families that have students in K-8. For families with only ECC children, the $2,000 Gottesman Grant applies for full-time enrollment and reduces ECC tuition to $11,000.

Is the school committed to this new tuition structure for more than one year?

The school is committed to insuring affordability for the broadest population possible. As part of our mission statement, we believe that all Jewish families should have the opportunity to educate their children in a Jewish Day School, no matter their financial circumstances. This affordability program is supported by a multi-year grant for at least the next few years.

How do I determine what my AGI is?

For most families, it is line 37 of your IRS form 1040. If you have questions, please contact Joe Weiss at extension 3014.

Are there any limits on my AGI to qualify for the TuitionMAX assistance program? 

Unlike our previous affordability program, there is no set income cap for the Tuition Max program.

How is the school able to afford this new tuition structure?

The school is a fortunate recipient of a significant multi-year grant specifically aimed at improving, sustaining, and expanding our affordability programs.