Student Services

Teacher and Students Working in a Circle

Gottesman RTW Academy values the social and emotional growth and success of each student. A variety of services ensure that students thrive from the moment they enter our school and that they bring their skills and confidence with them upon graduation. Among these programs are:

  • Individualized Transition for New Students
  • Get-Together Lunch Groups
  • Middle School Advisors
  • Peer Leadership Program
  • Personalized High School Transition Program

The Gottesman RTW Academy is committed to assisting all K - 8th grade students with varied learning styles and abilities. Educational support services are offered in conjunction with the Educational Services Commission of Morris County and help students in need of additional support/accommodations. A Student who requires this type of support service can go through child study and receive an Individualized Service Plan.

Additionally, some students can receive a Section 504 Education Plan to help facilitate full participation and success in academic classes. Accommodations can include extended time on tests, quiet place to take a test, preferential seating, note-taker, access to computers to complete tests, etc.

Please contact Dr. Cheryl Bahar ([email protected]) if you have any questions regarding Educational Support Services.