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At Gottesman RTW Academy, we believe that every Jewish child should have the gift of a day school education. In today's world, critical thinking and creativity are the building blocks of academic success. GRTWA gives students the tools to challenge themselves and learn in a way that is personal and individualized and puts them on a path to achievement. To foster a child's academic success, the social and emotional well-being of the child must be at the forefront of our educational program.

All GRTWA teachers are fully invested in discovering who their students are as learners and how to personalize the learning process for each student so he or she can achieve optimal growth in the classroom and beyond. We aim to teach the whole child in a nurturing and secure environment by constructing an individualized program that is guided by the students' academic indicators and their social and emotional needs. Jewish life is embraced and celebrated every day and is the moral and ethical fabric of our school.

We want every Jewish family to be able to give their child(ren) a Gottesman Academy education.

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How do we accomplish that?

GRTWA is the fortunate recipient of a significant multi-year grant (called 2G) specifically aimed at improving, sustaining, and expanding our affordability programs. In addition, we have a tuition structure that is designed to be simple and affordable for your family.

What will your tuition look like?

Tuition Initiative

Our tuition schedule includes the following:

  • A simplified approach to tuition that eliminates all fees and discounts (i.e. registration, security, building fund, and sibling discounts)
  • A Gottesman Grant for each full-time, full-paying student, resulting in lower tuition at every full-time level


The K-8 TuitionMAX financial assistance program places a cap on a family's obligation at no more than 10% of the family's adjusted gross income (AGI), no matter the number of children enrolled. This includes ECC siblings of K-8 students. Click Here to view the chart of the AGI schedule. Families on existing financial assistance programs can stay with their current program or move to the new TuitionMAX program if it is more beneficial to them. 

Tuition Assistance

We offer a generous assistance program for lower-income families with children in K-8. Applications are strictly confidential and handled with great dignity and compassion. The Tuition The Assistance Program is supported through the school's annual fundraising, including the Shomrei Torah Annual Campaign, the Gala dinner, the Auction and the school's Memorial Tree.

  • To qualify for tuition assistance, parents are required to enroll or register their children and provide financial information before the Tuition Assistance Committee will consider their request
  • Assistance is based upon need and available funds.
  • Early Childhood Center families who need financial assistance can apply for partial scholarships through several small funds.

Greater MetroWest (GMW) Right Start

This grant provides a $1,000 gift voucher toward the cost of tuition for families enrolling their children in a Jewish 2-year-old school program for the first time. CLICK HERE for information about this amazing opportunity.

We believe all Jewish families should benefit from a GRTWA education, and it is our goal to overcome all barriers to enrollment.

  • For more information on the school, contact Naomi Bacharach, Director of Institutional Advancement, at 973-584-5530, ext 3015 or at [email protected].
  • For questions on registration, contact Director of Operations, Donna Pradith at 973-584-5530 ext 3014 or at [email protected].
  • For questions on affordability, contact Director of Finance, Joe Weiss at 973-584-5530 ext 3010 or [email protected].

As always, we work with families in a compassionate, respectful, and confidential manner.

All financial disclosure information provided for either assistance program is held in confidence.

GRTWA subscribes to the principles of fair Practice for the Administration of Financial Aid as outlined by NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools)

To learn more about additional Grant opportunities offered by the Greater MetroWest Day School Initiative, click on the links below:

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