GRTWA Building

Safety and Security Is Our Priority

Every year, the school reviews its security procedures and policies with local law enforcement and security consultants to insure that our safety measures continue to evolve and respond to the changing landscape. Trained security personnel are provided by Global Mark Security and are stationed on the campus and in the building during school hours and for special events whenever students, staff, and parents are present. A great deal of time has been devoted to working with our security firm, local and state police, the fire department, and Jewish Federation to insure that we are up to date and in line with the best practices when it comes to emergency management and response.

The students and parents are integrated into our security measures and know that "if you see something, say something." We encourage everyone to notify school personnel immediately if they see anything unusual or something that may be cause for concern.

Our goal is the safety and security of all GRTWA students when on or off campus. Safety practices are ingrained in all aspects of the school and are considered for every school trip, regardless of duration or location.

Through our integrated and comprehensive approach to security and safety, our students, staff, and parents can feel safe in an environment that fosters and recognizes the need for freedom and education.