Faculty and Staff

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by first dialing our main number, 973.584.5530


Moshe Vaknin
Dr Moshe Vaknin, Head of School
*BA, History, Montclair State University
*MA, Bible & Semitic Languages, Jewish Theological Seminary
*Graduate of Day School Head Program, Jewish Theological Seminary
*EdD, Educational Leadership, Gratz College

ext 3021

[email protected]

Dr Cheryl Bahar
Dr Cheryl Bahar, Dean of General Studies
*BA, Psychology, York University, Toronto
*BEd, Education, York University, Toronto
*MEd, Curriculum & Instruction, University of Toronto
*PhD, Special Education, UCLA, California State University LA

ext 3011

[email protected]

Joe Weiss
Mr Joe Weiss, Director of Finance
*BS, Accounting, University of Delaware
*MBA, Finance, Rutgers University

ext 3010

[email protected]

Donna Pradith
Ms Donna Pradith, Director of Operations
*BBA, Real Estate, Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College

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[email protected]

Naomi Bacharach
Mrs Naomi Bacharach '79, Director of Institutional Advancement
*BA, Communications, American University

ext 3015

[email protected]

Classroom Staff

Mrs Stefanie Ackerman General Studies Teacher
Elementary Curriculum Coordinator
3319 [email protected]
Mrs Erica Arman Science Teacher 3341 [email protected]
Ms Raya Benhaim Judaic Studies Teacher 3343 [email protected]
Ms Elisa Berger ECC Teacher 3321 [email protected]
Ms Sara Borden  General Studies Teacher   [email protected] 
Mrs Selena Campione Elementary Assistant 3305 [email protected]
Rabbi Yitzchok Cohen Judaic Studies Teacher 3318 [email protected]
Ms Marisa Dubofsky Associate Teacher 3325 [email protected]
Mr Andrew Eitel General Studies Teacher 3344 [email protected]
Mrs Rachel Fried Judaic Studies Teacher 3313 [email protected]
Ms Megan Gleason  ECC Assistant Teacher   [email protected]
Ms Rhoda Goldman ECC Assistant Teacher 3301 [email protected]
Ms Jessica Grader General Studies Teacher 3302 [email protected]
Ms Nicole Graham General Studies Teacher 3304 [email protected]
Mrs Eleanor Knapp Art Teacher 3317 [email protected]
Mrs Natalia Labkovsky Infant Room Caregiver 3002 [email protected]
Mrs Nurit Lev Judaic Studies Teacher
Judaic Studies Curriculum Coordinator
3024 [email protected]
Ms Rhonda Levine ECC Teacher 3324 [email protected]
Mrs Colleen Longo ECC Assistant Teacher 3303  [email protected]
Mrs Rosa Lynch General Studies Teacher
Academic Excellence Coordinator
3320 [email protected]
Ms Leanza Martinez  ECC1 Caregiver   [email protected] 
Mrs Rachel Meiner Kindergarten Teacher
Mentor Program Coordinator
3307 [email protected]
Ms Nicole Murphy ECC Assistant Teacher 3315 [email protected]
Mrs Jaime Nahan  ECC Teacher 3309 [email protected]
Ms Nancy Peled Wolf Judaic Studies Teacher 3338 [email protected]
Ms Einat Pinsker  Music Teacher 3316  [email protected]
Ms Amanda Romano  ECC1 Caregiver   [email protected]
Ms Celia Ramos Infant Room Caregiver 3110 [email protected]
Ms Janice Rozenwasser Judaic Studies & Spanish Teacher           3311 [email protected]
Ms Sandra Sedeyn Infant Room Caregiver 3330  [email protected]
Ms Lori Seigerman Kindergarten Teacher 3326 [email protected]
Ms Ziva Soll-Adam Judaic Studies Teacher
3340 [email protected]
Mr Paul Solomon Physical Education & Health Teacher 3025 [email protected]
Mrs Sheri Swiss General Studies Teacher
Middle School Curriculum Coordinator
High School Transition Coordinator


[email protected]
Mrs Vered Weinglass Science Teacher 3339 [email protected]

Support Staff

Mrs Kate Davis Admissions and Office of
Institutional Advancement Coordinator
3019 [email protected]
Mrs Nancy Delman Interim Director, Lillie Brandt Early Childhood Center 3017 [email protected]
Ms Alyssa Glaubman Outreach and Engagement Coordinator 3346 [email protected]
Mrs Jill Granik Administrative Coordinator 3336 [email protected]
Mr Daquan Jordan IT Coordinator 3022 [email protected]
Ms Rebekah Lillianthal Social Worker 3029 [email protected]
Ms Natalie Montone Director of Educational Technology 3020 [email protected]
Mrs Caryn Reppen Social Worker 3028 [email protected]
Mr Michael Ryan  Custodian 3026 [email protected]
Mr Michael Sillcox Custodian 3026  [email protected]
Ms Kim Synalovksi Bookkeeper 3013 [email protected]
Ms Michele Wasserman Receptionist 3012 [email protected]
Ms Meredith Weinerman Nurse 3018 [email protected]