STEM Education


At GRTWA, STEM Education plays an important part in the curriculum, beginning with our youngest learners and developing through all of the grades.

As part of their overall STEM education, students as young as three-years-old in our Early Childhood Center and our kindergarten through 5th grade students are immersed in a robust bi-weekly science curriculum that includes the use of ChromeBooks, iPads, Ozobots, Spheros, Bee Bots, and Lego Robotics to introduce and learn coding.

STEM learning enhances the development of students’ critical thinking and fine motor skills as well as their understanding of literacy and language and supports their group work activities and play-based learning.

GRTWA is a recipient of the Lynn Harrison STEM Grant which allows for increased Middle School STEM learning through an enriched curriculum and after-school programming in robotics, drones, rocketry, computer building, and programming.

STEM concepts help children develop new ways of thinking, thus encouraging curiosity and analysis using technology. Learning these skills at an early age, establishes life-long critical thinking skills. STEM empowers students with knowledge, technology, and the skills necessary for a better future.