Professional Development


The Value of Professional Development

GRTWA's impassioned effort to foster a love of learning is ingrained in the very fabric of our school community. We believe that in order to inspire our students to be lifelong learners, we must lead by example, surrounding our students with faculty who themselves are encouraged to explore, question, take risks, and create. We support our teachers in their endeavors to be pioneers in education, to be at the forefront of new and exciting classroom practices, and to be perpetual learners who will, in turn, inspire our students to find their own creative paths.

The administration of GRTWA understands that what we invest in our faculty is inherently an investment in our students. Every penny that is spent on providing meaningful professional development opportunities for both teachers and staff directly translates to more engaging, creative, and innovative classroom environments for our students.

The subsequent impact on the student body is both profound and multidimensional. Each time a GRTWA educator explores an exciting new technology or platform and implements it in the classroom, students not only absorb the material at hand, but they also benefit from teaching techniques that tap into different learning modalities.

GRTWA takes great pride in establishing an environment that fosters creativity for both teacher and student alike, and we know our staff feels fortunate to work in a school that recognizes the intrinsic value of professional development.


The Quest for Teaching Excellence

A centerpiece of The Greater MetroWest Day School Initiative is The Quest for Teacher Excellence, a more than $2 million investment in providing support for every educator to advance professionally along an individualized professional development program. This is a long-term, comprehensive investment in teacher professional development that is at the heart of enhancing educational excellence in in our MetroWest Jewish Day Schools.

The Quest for Teaching Excellence is funded by the Paula and Jerry Gottesman Family Supporting Foundation of the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater MetroWest NJ and the GMW Day School Community Fund of the JCF. The fund was established as part of the more than $50 million GMW Day School Campaign aimed at supporting affordability and excellence in the day schools.

A warm thank you to the Greater MetroWest Day School Initiative for launching and funding this important program and to GRTWA Professional Development Chairs Nurit Lev and Nancy Delman for coordinating all the many professional development programs and meetings throughout the year for the school.

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