Prep Programs

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Gottesman RTW Academy features three exceptional Prep Programs which bridge our academic divisions and beyond. These programs provide our students with both the skills and confidence to make smooth transitions during these critical growth years.

Lower School Prep Program

  • Connects the Early Childhood and Lower School curricula
  • Provides seamless transition from Junior Kindergarten into Kindergarten
  • Cultivates learning, risk-taking, social-emotional development, and self-esteem through small-group, project-based, and play experiences
  • Includes reading, writing, math, science, music, movement, and art
  • Facilitates hands-on science (STEM) themes, including instruction in coding, a community garden, and a lower school science lab
  • Offers expanded Hebrew language experiences, integrated with Jewish culture and values
  • Utilizes an individualized approach for each child and builds upon distinct strengths.
  • Emphasizes literacy skills and reading comprehension, with a learning specialist where needed
  • Includes the Orton-Gillingham approach and Wonders literacy program as part of the curriculum
  • Focuses on the social-emotional wellbeing of each child with support from a dedicated, full-time social worker 

Middle School Prep Program/Fifth Grade:

  • Designed to connect Lower School and Middle School curricula
  • Provides a capstone year for the Lower School academic foundation
  • Includes beginning outlining and note-taking skills
  • Teaches organizational and study strategies
  • Promotes advanced writing
  • Offers math enrichment
  • Develops problem-solving abilities and explores creativity in the arts
  • Fosters self-esteem and community building with a values based focus

High School Prep Program/Eighth Grade:

  • Designed to connect Middle School and future High School curricula
  • Teaches advanced study skills
  • Provides small group instruction and an individualized program
  • Offers Spanish as a third language
  • Develops imaginative and reflective thinking skills in the arts
  • Highlights social action/community service projects
  • Includes a two-week educational trip to Israel