Why Choose GRTWA?

 Teacher with Child

"As parents, it was very important to us that our two children receive a strong academic foundation as well as a Jewish education. Our children went all the way through Gottesman RTW Academy, from babyhood through 8th grade graduation. The school nurtured their self-confidence, engaged them as learners, and supported them every step of the way. We are so grateful to the teachers and administration of GRTWA for teaching and guiding our children and setting them on the path to adulthood." Joy and Jonathan S, Alumni Parents 


GRTWA is a co-educational, pluralistic, Jewish day school which offers a challenging, integrated, dual curriculum in General Studies and Judaic Studies. As a community day school, we warmly welcome families from every branch of Judaism,   unaffiliated families, and families who have one Jewish parent.

Exceptional Community

When families enroll their child at GRTWA, they become part of a vibrant, engaged community of learners. This network of families, educators, and administrators are all partners in the GRTWA educational experience.

Eco-Friendly School

GRTWA is a state-of-the-art, green facility with flexible, technologically advanced classrooms on a beautiful 22-acre campus. We teach our students how to think green and they understand and act on their responsibility to the world. Our facility includes the use of solar panels and rain gardens.

Affordability Programs

GRTWA has a nationally recognized affordability program which ensures that every family can afford a day school education regardless of income. Information on this and other programs can be found HERE.

Academic Excellence

Teachers and staff are highly collaborative and engage in ongoing professional development. GRTWA is accredited by the New Jersey Association of Independent Schools and was awarded a Blue Ribbon from the U.S. Department of Education for consistently high levels of academic excellence.

Individualized Attention

We provide small class sizes and individualize the curriculum to meet the needs of each student's learning style and level. Our teachers are talented and dedicated, and they develop strong bonds with students and families. GRTWA has a warm, supportive environment in which each child's strengths and abilities are nurtured. Our mission for our students is to foster a love of learning, intellectual exploration, personal growth, and respect for themselves and others.

Social and Emotional Support

Each student’s success is encouraged in a safe and caring environment, with full-time licensed social workers to support social and emotional development.

Dual Curriculum

GRTWA's dual curriculum is challenging and integrated, providing our students with an outstanding education in both General Studies and Judaic Studies. Approximately 60% of the school day focuses on General Studies which includes language arts, math, science, social studies, physical education, music, art, and computers and approximately 40% of the school day focuses on Judaic Studies which includes Hebrew language and the history, culture, traditions, and religious practices of the Jewish people. Hebrew language is a total immersion program in which students learn Hebrew using an interactive, cutting-edge curriculum. A Mechina program is available for students who begin their Hebrew language studies later in their education.

The dual curriculum is continuously updated and individualized to meet the learning style needs of our students and to reinforce the development of 21st century skills, including critical and creative thinking skills.

Character Education

Our values-driven curriculum provides experiences through which students build character. We encourage our students to accept their responsibilities as both Jews and as members of the greater community. Community Service and Tikkun Olam, healing the world, are infused into everything that we teach and do.

Leading-Edge Technology

GRTWA is committed to providing leading-edge technology to support the curriculum, while retaining the core teacher-student relationship. Students are immersed in technology from two-year-olds through 8th grade and learn to use technology responsibly.

Prep Programs

GRTWA features three exceptional Prep Programs which bridge our academic divisions and beyond. The programs are: Lower School Prep Program/Junior Kindergarten, Middle School Prep Program/Fifth Grade, and High School Prep Program/Eighth Grade. These programs provide our students with both the skills and confidence to make smooth transitions during these critical growth years.

The Arts

The arts are a vital part of the daily life of students at GRTWA, including visual arts, music, and drama. In visual arts, the art teacher works closely with the faculty to create curriculum-related art projects in a wide range of mediums. Students learn vocal and performance skills, learn how to read basic music, and play instruments. Music and art are integrated with the rest of the curriculum, and there are many performance opportunities for all students. GRTWA's arts programs help our students to develop their creative, collaborative, and public speaking skills from an early age.

Extended Day Programs

We offer on-going enrichment activities and sports programs after school hours. Our after-care program, which is available for all age levels, begins at dismissal time and ends at 6:00 p.m. and provides time for children to work on homework, eat a snack, play indoors and on our outdoor playground, and have fun.

Post Graduate Program

Our Post Graduate Learning Program (PGLP) for high school students provides an opportunity for them to study Judaic subjects, ensure involvement in the Jewish community, and help them internalize their identity as involved Jewish adults. Among the subjects that have been offered are Jewish films, Jewish philosophy, anti-Semitism, Middle East politics, and the uniqueness of the Hebrew language.

Successful Alumni

Our graduates gain admission to the finest high schools and colleges. They are consistently placed in high school honors and AP classes. Graduates bring diverse, 21st century skills to their educational experiences after GRTWA. They become active young leaders in their communities.